is’s message-board site. It’s a free public forum where participants can discuss controversial issues and topics of interest to the Deaf community, and ask questions. There are several forums focusing on issues from a Deaf perspective, and departments for "just-for-fun" posts, too. All forums are moderated.

Enter DeafNotes by clicking the pencil button. Visitors can browse through the menu of topics and responses, choose a forum, review the most recent posts or the hottest topics, and post new queries or add their response to a thread. This site is free to all visitors, but only registered users can post messages. Instructions for registering and rules of conduct are included in this site. No real names need be given.

DeafNotes has a new feature: a real-time “Dialogue” chatroom. We’ve set it up to encourage DeafNoters to have group discussions. We will also be offering a “Town Hall” live-chat program featuring guest presenters who will be discussing specific topics with DeafNoters. The schedule will be posted oin DeafNotes. Enter the Dialogue by clicking the chat button on the right.

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