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#452 - 12/08/08 09:07 PM Deaf and the Internet
TiffanyS Offline
New Member
Registered: 12/08/08
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Hey everyone!

I am hoping to be an interpreter one day, and have to write a paper for a college course regarding a specific group of people and how the Internet has impacted them. Others are writing regarding how the Internet has affected homosexuals and minority groups. I want to write about how the Internet has impacted the deaf community.

Any input that you all have for me would be great and appreciated!

#453 - 12/11/08 08:49 PM Re: Deaf and the Internet [Re: TiffanyS]
CSN Offline
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Hi TiffanyS,

Welcome to Deaf Notes! smile How has the internet affected the Deaf community? I believe it has improved the communication between differing segments of the Deaf community. By this I mean the communication is more imediate than before. This is not only person-person but announcements about differing events can reach more people. Of course, there are many other things, but this is a few to start with.
#454 - 12/13/08 01:18 PM Re: Deaf and the Internet [Re: TiffanyS]
CSN Offline
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Registered: 10/09/07
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Loc: Omaha, NE
Good question! "How has the Internet impacted the deaf community?" IMO, it has brought us closer together. What I mean is that before the Internet (which I'm not sure if Al Gore invented or not *grin*) there was little direct communication between D/deafs living far apart. True, there have been magazines such as "Deaf Life". Still it was hard to communicate person-to-person. And even then, it was hard to pick up on the emotional content.

Along with this, the internet has made it easier to communicate with Deaf organizations, service providers, product providers, etc... Most of this is ancillary.

It would be nice if we could get together in-person on a regular basis. However, with the diversity in locations, schedules, and/or tasks I'm not sure how to accomplish this.


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