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#555 - 09/29/09 12:08 PM "Hearing" your own voice?
Abbie Offline
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Registered: 08/26/09
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Loc: Florida
Hello. I am latent deaf yet I "hear" my own voice. Do other latent deaf people 'hear' their own voice? I think the phenomena is partly bone conduction? Partly 'by memory'?

Also do any of you who are latent deaf "hear" a visually cued sound? You know you are not hearing it but when you see, say a car door being slammed' you 'hear' it in your head? Same with running water.

Is this rare or simply takeng for granted. It spooks some hearies. They think I am faking being deaf. --Abbie
--Less is More
#559 - 09/30/09 08:00 PM Re: "Hearing" your own voice? [Re: Abbie]
CSN Offline
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Hi Abbie,

As a person who became deaf at age 22 I *think* I hear things but they may be more memory than actual hearing. There have been times when I have *felt* the sound more as a vibration than actually "hearing" it.

I don't think you are faking anything.
#561 - 10/04/09 08:58 PM Re: "Hearing" your own voice? [Re: Abbie]
CSN Offline
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Registered: 10/09/07
Posts: 162
Loc: Omaha, NE
Hi Abbie,

Yes, I *think* I hear my own voice. For me it's more memory than anything else. This is true for other voices and other sounds as well. I can't tell what they are or where they are from. I use visual cues many times. I remember what they are *supposed to* sound like, so I have it that this is the sound I hear. Too many times tho this is false cuz they are saying something else. But my expectations are for them to say or not say certain things. For instance, there may be many words/phrased that sound alike but differ in meaning based on the situation and who it is. Many times I end up having to guess.

That is true about the expectations. This is what I mean. My expectations are based on the individual, the setting, what the topic may (or may not) be, what has been said already, etc...

Yeah, I run into the stuff where people think I'm faking it. This happened a lot when I didn't fit into the stereotype(s) of deaf persons.

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