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#500 - 03/08/09 06:56 PM The Harm of Noise Pollution for Human Health
SweetMind Offline
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Loc: Mother Nature world Read inside the url if you like to read more information about the noise of traffic roads and statistics of Noise pollution.

Here is the evidence, it shows that noise pollution can harmful to Deaf human as well as Audism forced us to hear or listen those hearing devices that does not make you hearing well. They pounced and pounced over our level of deafness that has been damaged more than ever. It affects us our Mental health that we did not create these kind of problem so therefore AUDISM did abuse our Deaf ears after we born for so many years. It s so wrongful doing by AUDISM/MEDICAL. Mind you!

The Harm of Noise Pollution for Human Health

The Harm of Noise Pollution to the Health of Human's body and mind are as follows:

1.Loud noises can cause ear discomfort, such as ear ringing, ear pains and hearing loss, etc. Noises above 115db can even lead to deafness. According to statistics, about 50 percent of those who are exposed to the noise above 80db for a long time lose their hearing.

2.Noises can cause decrease work efficiency . Under the circumstance of noises above 85db,one may feel discomfort and distracted, thus he can not concentrate on his work or study.

3.[b[Harm to blood vessels of human hearts[/b]. Noise is a dangerous factor for heart diseases, speeding up the aging process of hearts, causing high rate of miocardial infarction incidence. Long-term exposure to noises may lead to high blood pressure. Especially in night, noises cause much higher rate of incidence of a disease.

4.Noises can make nervous system disorder, mental disturbance and incretion disorder.

5.Noises disturb rest and sleep. One may feel exausted after one night's exposure in noises. This condition continuing for a long time may lead to Neurasthenia .

6.Harm for women's physiological function. Noises can cause abnormal menstruation, abortion , premature delivery, and even abnormal embryo.

7.Noises are more harmful for children's body and mind health than that of adults ,because their organs are still weak. Noises can easily hurt their hearing organs, causing hearing damage or loss.

8.Noises' harm for eyesight. According to experiments, when the loudness of noises is above 90db,man's visual receptor cells' sensitivity decreases rapidly and the reaction time for faint light is lengthened. When the loudness reaches 95db,about 40% of people get mydriasis and blurred vision. And when exposed to noises of 115db,most people have difficulty to react to lightness.So those who are in the environment of loud noises for a long time can easily get eye strain,eye pain,blurred vision, and tearing. Beside,noise can cause the abnormity in color vision and eyeshot.

The reason is I am bringing this evidence that harms Deaf babies/children with any hearing devices. It s very wrongful for Medical doctors/audiologist who have been encourage the parent of Deaf babies/children 's deaf ears. It had been continued to make it more damage and affects Deaf Mental health which it s matter of life and death risks if you mind.

That is what I am so furious and wont give it up to stand up for Deaf children s rightful to be protection because it affects me all my and many Deaf people's life. People do not realize what they abused our Deaf ears and inside the whole part of the head. Most d/Deaf people didnt know any better because they do not read anything that I want to show the evidences all along after I told the truth before the evidence shows up. The purpose is for me to tell because I have had been a lot of problem with those symptoms as far as Doctor thinks I am lying. So therefore Doctors is full of it and do not know anything about being deaf at all.

Also, people with audist attitude who thinks I m giving or spreading the misconception informations. What a laugh for them to think about me like that! So therefore they are doing it to themselves while they think they are so intelligent than I am.

It s my right to protect those Deaf babies/children of the Deaf community because most parents do not know the truth after all, most Medical professionals and audiologists don't want you to know the truth that is very harmful for those kids and their fragile brain, eyes, and deaf ears. I am here to share the truth and protect for those Deaf babies/children s rightful to be protection by Deaf adults who knows the whole truth of or by being deaf and born deaf. Deaf babies/children do not have their own choices from a start, people need to think they have no right to invade Deaf's soul, mind and body.

The reason is that it does not belong to you that you need to think harder before you harm your Deaf kids all along. Thanks! I disagree that any hearing parents/people who thinks they have their right to make the choice to do anything with Deaf children's mind, soul and body. I absolutely disagree their parental s right on this issue of child's body property that has been healthy since they were born or became deaf in a very young age.

Leave Deaf babies and children alone. Let them being who they are and allowed being themselves first before hear. That's our Deaf children's rightful to be protection and to have our natural abilities all along. Thanks! smile

So therefore Deafism and AUDISM with audist attitudes are a real nasty abusers toward Deaf babies/children all along. They are very rude for not respecting our wishes for not wanting to hear. Sighs! Well I am sorry they are the one who keep you from knowing the truth.. They are giving you the misconception about hearing device with a magnet all along. Both HA and CI are having the same concept of BTE issue except for CI with a magnet that is no excuses for them to lie and try to make people into a high hope for nothing. It s not necessary for those Deaf babies/children to have those surgeries anyhow. For what?? since it s no difference between HA and CI s behavior of being deaf. They won't be able to hear everything from the spoken language in a long run however it will harm in their nervous system from the brain that doesn't stop the auditory hallucination. Think about it harder, please. Sighs!

There is too much assumption. Many hearies assume that devices will be OK and that the person will figure out what is a real sound and what is noise pollution but as you know, that just is not so!

Noise pollution surely affects our focus in our ASL education as well as it s not helping us to deal to have a good learning process with the devices as you think it s however IT is NOT the answer whatever your thinking are in hearing s standard ways. Also it harms our natural abilities if you don't allow us for who we are that is the huge problem going on in this society for many Deaf people, in my own eyewitness. It's sad for not seeing them as a real natural Deaf people in this society at the beginning. That would be a lot difference from what they are now in a very positive outlook.

Thank you! smile
Deaf SweetMind
"Light of Love"in our ASL culture. ASL is a form of speech and gives LOVE for all humanity kids. smile
#520 - 04/18/09 09:57 PM Re: The Harm of Noise Pollution for Human Health [Re: SweetMind]
fairejour Offline
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Honestly, this is the stupidest argument I have heard yet. This is information about how extremely loud things affect HEARING people. There is compression on hearing aids just so things don't get too loud and become painful for people wearing hearing aids.
#560 - 09/30/09 09:37 PM Re: The Harm of Noise Pollution for Human Health [Re: SweetMind]
CSN Offline
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Loc: Omaha, NE
The harm of noise pollution upon deaf ears is easily understood. Most deaf persons have been successful at arranging their life in order to be fully functional as they are. It is when they encounter the stress from audism that denies the meaningful adaptations which they have built, that troubles are caused.

The levels of deafness can change as well as the physical formation of the ear and of the mechanisms involved. Therefore, taking a false view of being able to (allegedly) reproduce through mechanical means the biological and anatomical means of hearing is just that - false!

Mental health is too fragile in human beings to cause attacks upon it in D/deaf persons by an unsubstiantiated view that D/deaf are lacking in something - which is more of an opinion than an actual fact. Should someone state that it *is* a fact I challange that person or persons to substiantiate this claim with facts. This is keeping in mind that the concept of "mental health" is highly theoretical and is (at best) philosophical. Along with this, I have serious doubts that the audist and/or medical views are worth anything.

Loud music can also cause stress which leads to personal and interpersonal strife. Whe a person is stressed out because of loud and/or misunderstood noises/music then that person's manner of adapting are attacked. The end result is both physical effects and emotional effects - both of which the person does not deseve. These stresses are harmful however one wishes to view this. frown

The decrease in efficiency is also a result of the distraction and the harmful effects over time to the individual. Further, with the noise pollutution there is less of an opportunity to cooperate with co-workers and discuss the project underway. The net effect is both harmful effects to the individual and to the team of employees.

With noise being a stress it is harmful to the different biological and physiological systems.

"Noise disturns rest and sleep". Obviously.

If the noise can harm a woman's physiological functioning then it needs to be stopped. Same with the harmful effets for children and men.

Unfortunately, the harmful effects are realized too late.

Mental health begins during childhod and continues onward throughout the person's life. When they are eiter exposed to stresses that are unfounded and even worse - not understod - then the mental health is in jeopardy.

No good comes from audist attitudes.

Hearing parents of deaf childrn do have a right to make certain decisions regarding the children. However, this is not to say that they have a right to ALL decisons!

About noise pollution and learning ASL, I learned ASL in a completely silent room - and yet, I learned it! wink

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